The Role of UX in Software Development.

"User experience is everything. It always has been, but it’s still undervalued and under-invested in. If you don’t know user-centered design, study it. Hire people who know it. Obsess over it. Live and breathe it. Get your whole company on board." Evan Williams, Cofounder of Twitter.

How user experience makes a product successful

“Design is not just how it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs

UX isn’t just a part of software development. It is an essential element that grows any product, whether a software or hardware product. You would never buy a pen that doesn’t feel good in hand. So, how can anyone use an application that doesn’t feel good? 

User experience is the overall feeling while using the software product. It starts with the logo and ends at checkout, going through the product journey. It can impact several things. 

User Satisfaction: 

A good UX design makes navigating the software more accessible for users. They can quickly determine the next step in their journey and make the best use of their time on the software. In contrast, a bad UX design can irritate users and result in their losing interest. It can also cause users to miss out on the purpose of the software. 

"People ignore design that ignores people." - Frank Chimero.

Building Userbase

It is human nature to appreciate things that work well. People return to places only where they have good memories. The same goes for software. If you favor people with good designs, they will favor you with loyalty and references. 

Good UX designs can help you in user acquisition, retention, and, ultimately in business success. 


In the 20th century, a brand was known for its advertisements and customer satisfaction. But now, a brand's digital presence makes it more significant. A good design can impact the software's business goals. It can increase user engagement and encourage users to complete their goals, whether purchasing a product or subscribing to a service. 

"Word-of-mouth can make or break a company faster than anything else. If your customers are happy, they will tell their friends. If not, they will tell the world." - Pete Blackshaw,

UX is the differentiator in the market. People are more likely to come where you provide quality. Just adding on features cannot attract users independently. 


Focusing on the UX can make the development process efficient. Testing and iteration in the middle of the process can avoid extensive revisions in later stages and delays in the product's launch. 

Also, making the software clean can help you reduce the support cost. Otherwise, you must arrange guidance for the users to use your software. 

I have been building software for years now and have portrayed my practices, which can improve the user experience of your product. 

Clean Designs:

We are humans, and the fact that we judge the book by its cover cannot be denied. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are until you seem like it. So, it’s crucial to work on the product's visual appeal. And visually appealing should never tie up with complexity. 

“Fools ignore complexity; pragmatists suffer it; experts avoid it; geniuses remove it.”

- Alan Perlis

Simplicity is the key to success when designing the best user experience. It engages users and allows them to access everything they need quickly and effortlessly. 


In the era of speed and pace, who likes to drive slow? So, why would anyone want to use software as fast as Internet Explorer (Just kidding)? No doubts for your idea, no doubts for your designs, no doubts for the elements used, but do they load fast? 

Yes, a website is judged by its performance. To enhance performance, page loading speed, fast animations, and no glitches can make the deal go north. 

User Journey

Software is successful if it knows what its users want and how they will get it. The user journey defines their interaction with the product, their step-by-step journey, and every decision they make while using the product. 

The complete user journey seems like a flow; creating flow charts at the beginning is the best way to refine it. In a flow chart, you can document every button, feature, and option and try to make it as smooth as possible. 


Consistency and symmetry are the keys to improving things. You must be consistent in font sizes, styles, images, illustrations, text, and sections when developing software. Everything should follow the theme on every page and between the pages.

Consistency in flow makes it easier for users to understand the software. And they can execute tasks smoothly. Consistency in software design is like the rhythm in music; it keeps everything flowing smoothly and harmoniously.


Testing is the most crucial aspect of software development. You can be an expert with years of experience, but as they say, To err is human. There is always room for errors, and users won’t like it. 

Rigorous testing reveals hidden errors that can ruin the user's pleasure. These errors may be in designs, codes, features, or flows. However, fixing them before the software is released makes the best impression. 

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